Alldo Group eCommerce

Alldo Group Sweden AB is a small Swedish company that sell various products through eCommerce. Our history goes back to 2007 when we put our first store online on the Internet. We are known four our high quality products, often made in Sweden, Europe, USA or United Kingdom.

Our market in the EU

Our market is currently Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. More EU countries to come.

Our web stores - Custom Made Picture Frames (Swedish) - Custom Made Picture Frames (EU) - Custom Made Stretcher Bars for Canvases (Swedish) - Custom Made Stretcher Bars for Resellers (Swedish)

Må - Custom Made Canvases (Swedish) - Diploma Frames for Retail Companies (Swedish)

Veterandä - Tires for Tractors and Heavy Vehicles (Swedish) - Special Made Picture Frames for Retail Companies (Swedish)

Contact Us

Contact Alldo Group Sweden AB. You can contact us through our Swedish web site at